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  • Shrimp

    Shrimp is a healthy choice for the diet, packed with antioxidants and minerals. Served steamed with garlic and butter, our daily catch is fresh, tender and mouthwateringly delicious! Need some recipe ideas? Shrimp and Asian dishes work well together! Shrimp fried rice with baby vegetables, Thai coconut and red curry shrimp soup, with subtle touches of fresh ginger, garlic and cilantro, or a spicy parmesan shrimp pasta dish. Whichever way you choose to prepare it, you’re going to love our fresh-caught shrimp!

  • Scallops

    Top chefs recommend pan-seared scallops with garlic, pepper, and lemon, or just lemon and butter. Pan searing scallops can be tricky, so be sure to read up on the process and start with the freshest, “dry”, untreated scallops from Beacon One Seafood, stocked daily!

  • Oysters

    Briny, mineral rich Atlantic Oysters from Beacon One seafood are wonderful served fresh and raw or cooked in a variety of ways. Oysters are versatile! They can be grilled, baked, served with cream sauces or on the half shell, in a po’boy sandwich at a backyard picnic, or on the finest porcelain and silver during a multi-course formal dinner. Consider breaded, butter-fried oysters served with baby greens and a lemon wedge for a simple, elegant dinner. Complementary flavors to explore with oysters include bacon, spicy red pepper sauces, horseradish, and tarragon. Market prices.  

  • Crab Legs

    Steamed, boiled, baked or grilled, crab legs are rich and sweet, and a to-die-for treat dripping with melted garlic butter. Seafood rubs and spice mixes with crab legs are also a match made in heaven. For a brunch, make lemon rind cups to hold your lemon juice and garlic butter dipping sauce—simply squeeze out the juice first, then hollow out the rind with a sharp-edged grapefruit spoon. Make a small cut on the bottom of the lemon half so it stands upright, and fill with your melted butter and lemon juice mix. Other classic pairings with crab legs are corn on the cob (or spicy cornbread), grilled vegetables, and stuffed potato skins. Don’t forget the napkins!

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